Date: 10th August 2012 - Time: 05:00 PM onwards
Venue: Devas Farm House, Thrikkunnappuzha, Kerala
Function: The bride's family celebrates Mehendi party for gathering bride’s friends and relatives for blessing the bride as well as for amusement. The occasion of Mehendi is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals. It is fun a filled ritual, which is celebrated mainly by the bride's family. On this occasion a professional henna designer or some relative applies Mehendi to the bride’s hands and feet.
This is accompanied by dance and music.
The function is followed by dinner


Date: 11th August 2012 - Time: 01:00 PM
onwards lunch followed by Sangeeth in the evening
Venue: Devas Farm House, Thrikkunnappuzha, Kerala
Function: A get-together of friends and relatives organized to bid farewell to the bride, as she enters the sacred relationship, the following day of marriage. Artists’ of various genre enthralls the audience with their mesmerizing musical performances of their choice.

This will be accompanied by dinner.

Wedding Function

Date: 12th August 2012 - Time: 12-12:30 PM
Wedding will be followed by lunch
Venue: Le Meridian Hotel & Convention centre